NewAge on Windows

How to set up NewAge to run on Win 9X/ME, Win 2000, Win XP Windows 9X/ME

Trying to run NewAge on a Windows 95/98/ME computer without the proper setup will produce the error "2 No setup file NewAge.PRG on disk, Please copy setup file" The reason for this is that the BTRIEVE record manager needs to run in an upper memory (above 640KB) block and Ms Windows is using that block for disk caching.

To overcome this we run the older DOS disk caching program, SMARTDRV.EXE before trying to open a DOS window. To setup NewAge proceed like this:

NOTE that we are assuming here that NewAge was installed on your computer using the default folder name (NewAgeV4). Clearly if NewAge is installed into a different folder, or indeed on another computer on your network, the location of your item in item 4 above needs to change accordingly.

Windows XP/2000

The same error "2 No setup file NewAge.PRG on disk, Please copy setup file" will occur if you try and run NewAge on WinXp/2000 the normal way for the same reasons. The difference from Win 9X/ME is that a MsDos window on the NT based operating systems creates a new environment every time. Trying to load SMARTDRV.EXE at boot up time is therefore of no use. SMARTDRV.EXE is also not included on these new systems, so you will have to find a copy from an older machine and paste it into your C:\Windows (C:\WINNT on Windows 2000) folder. Here's what you need to do:

That's all for the moment folks, but we are busy compiling loads more handy help articles so look back here soon for more NewAge and other computer related assistance.