NewAge month end procedure

Periodic Processing Month End

At periodic intervals certain operations must take place, for example a company's Debtors ledger is closed off for the month. The Age Analysis and Statements printed along with the Transaction Audit List.

This procedure is called the Month End. Each company and each ledger must be processed by the Month End routine. This is done after you have printed all the reports and Backed up the data. You are then ready to start the month end.

If you are running an integrated system, it is necessary to run the General Ledger Update routine before the Month End is run.

The Process Month refers to the accounting month and year to which the activity refers.

The system date must be within the same month and year as the process month or you will not be allowed to close the period.

The Month End option from the Period menu allows all the Month Ends for every ledger to be monitored and run from one central point and screen.

The Procedure

Select from the "Business" menu the "Periods Menu". Make sure you have a reliable backup of the company. There is no built in backup procedure, so make a copy of the folder with the company data. A folder inside Newage starting with a # sign. DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT A RELIABLE BACKUP!

Ensure that a "G/Ledger Update" has been run. The run date should be the last day of the period you are closing.

After answering "Yes" to the backup uestion, you have to select a company number. Pressing Enter will select company 00 as default.

Select "Month-end Procedure". The screen presents all the ledgers, and a status of the posted transactions. If the "Posted Transactions" report has not been printed, it will report outstanding transactions for that ledger. You will have to go back to that ledger and print the report either to a printer, or to a disk file.

The reports are:

Provided your periods have been setup correctly, your month end should now run.

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