The first step is to do a complete (Server/Standalone) install of Omni Accounts on to a windows (7 or higher) machine. You would then need to run the Control Centre and go to Backup | Backup Control Centre. Ignore the option to send an unlock request to Omni for now.

You need to have a Linux server with a functioning SAMBA windows share platform active. As this is not a Linux tutorial, setting up SAMBA on Linux is outside the scope of this document. You would need to be proficient enough as a Linux root administrator.

Now you need to copy the complete Omni folder structure from the PC to an accessible SAMBA share on the Linux server. Next you would log in to the Linux console and with root privileges change the permissions of the Omni folders structure to allow read/write access to all. Next you need to change both the file and group ownership of the Omni/Setup/OMNI_CONTROL.GDB to firebird:firebird. You also need to change the file permissions of this DB to -rw-rw---- (0660 ).

You now need to install Firebird server on the Linux server. Install packages for all distros can be obtained from Set the SYSDBA password as “ masterkey”.

Now you need to edit the C:\Omni\System\Orbit.dat on each Windows PC with an Omni installation on to access the server.

Here is an example. Edit with settings appropriate for your setup:-

[NETWORK] (your server’s IP)


INSTALL PATH=/share/apps/Omni/ (replace with the actual folder path on your server)

SERVER PATH=\\\Omni (the SAMBA share on your server as seen from the PC)





Next on one of your windows client PC’s, go to \Omni\System\ and run ControlDBRestorer.exe. Pick your backup file you made earlier, and restore it. Once restored, log on to Control Centre, and do the registration. Send off the request for a new serial number. If it is an existing installation do not attempt to work before the new serial number has been received and activated.

For any further assistance with this send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.